@snowveined may SAY they’re trash, but they’re a cinnamon roll and I absolutely love them. their themes are always amazing and their interpenetration of Jack is SO spot on that sometimes it’s almost like they ARE Jack. the mun’s really nice too and seeing them on my dash always makes me smile 🙂



Your replies are on the way, Tumblr

Just wanted to let you know that we’re putting the finishing touches on replies, and making sure they play nicely with everything else on this platform.

“Why did they go away? Why, staff, whyyyy?” Fair question. We had a gaggle of overlapping message-like systems—namely, asks, fan mail, reblogging with commentary, question posts (rare!), and, yes, replies. When we finally introduced actual instant messaging a couple months ago, we had a lot of untangling to do.

In order to make all these systems work together, we had to do some back-end retooling, which meant taking down replies for a bit. For longer than we expected. Sorry about that.

And we get it—replies fill a very particular need (and you were very clear about expressing that need). They’re a kind of super like. A way to fully express your feelings about a thing without expecting anything in response. A gift.

When they come back, they’ll be even better. People will be able to reply to your posts multiple times, and you’ll even be able to reply to your own posts. Simple changes, yes, but ones that open up lots of possibilities.

Best of all, we’ve laid the down the engineering and design groundwork for even more substantial improvements down the road. Replies will be able to develop side-by-side with messaging.

More to come, soon enough. We know you all miss replies. We hope you enjoy their imminent return.


Rise of the Guardians 3 Year Anniversary.

Where do I even begin with this film. It means so much to me, I don’t think I will ever see a film again that has had this much impact on me. I remember the first time I heard about it, I was in my Graphics class and another student had the art book for it. I was mesmerized by it, a few days later I managed to see it in the cinema, it was just myself and a young girl with her father. I still have my cinema ticket for it!

It made me take a brave step to study animation at university. tbh i hadn’t even thought about going down the art route. However this film was so beautiful. It made me so emotional as it threw my right back to my childhood and the importance of belief. It will always hold a special place in my heart.

I could ramble on but I won’t. Please enjoy my 3 year piece to my favourite film of all time. it deserves so much more.

Happy 3 year anniversary ‘Rise of the Guardians’ ❤