Things come along like this that make the internet so special, I AM IN FUCKING TEARS


Me and you when we see each other


This chick’s face is marvelous


I wish you all the best for the new year, may you smile more, laugh more, and find something you’re passionate about. Whether it be a person, a hobby, a book, movie or video game.

There will be low times, and there will be high times, but you have made it so far already.

I believe in you, you have reigned victorious over 2015, and all prior years.

I love you all my darlings.

Have a wonderful year.

❤ J

amazighprincex: I think that a lot of hearing people are confused about how exactly lipreading works. it’s not some magical ‘cure-all’ where you learn to lipread and all of a sudden you can function with 100% accuracy in a hearing society first of all, there’s a lot of ambiguity involved. only about 30 to 40%… Continue reading

batnerd-on-redbull: thedarklingprincess: batnerd-on-redbull: Ugh i just wanna climb someone like a tree We can climb an actual tree and watch puppies play, I has a good tree in my yard. Im a little too drunk for climbing trees right now but yuuuus I WILL CARRY YOU UP TREE YES then we can cuddle.