Hello everyone, now seems like a good time to finally tell
you all about Pillowfort.io, a blogging platform that I (juliabaritz) and

have been working on for a while. Basically, we wanted to start a new blogging
platform that takes our favorite features from sites we’ve used like
Tumblr and LiveJournal, and create the best kind of blogging platform we
could think
of. Our goals for Pillowfort are to create a place where fans and
creators alike can share their work, create a community of their own,
and do so in a
positive and safe environment.

Pillowfort you’ll be able to run a personal blog similar to how Tumblr
blogs operate, but also create communities similar to the ones that
LiveJournal features, so that you can easily share content with people who share your tastes and interests. We’re also
working on
privacy features like blocking users, the ability to make posts
rebloggable or un-rebloggable, and creating privacy lists so that your
posts will only be visible to certain users. In the next few
weeks, we’ll have more detailed posts about what Pillowfort is
going to look like and what features we’ll be including, but above are a
couple screenshots from the current state of the site so you can see
what we’re going for.

We want to get the word out, so share this
post if you would be interested in using a site like this so we can get
an idea of how many people are interested! This site would also be a very large undertaking for us to attempt to finish ourselves, so we would love for people who would be interested in helping us with the programming to contact us and let us know that you’re interested. The app is built on Rails and currently deployed on Heroku (using Postgres for the database), so a familiarity with Rails and PSQL is greatly preferred.


So basically, what Dreamwidth is to LJ, you’re hoping Pillowfort will be to Tumblr?


please let this pan out

Please please please consider the way people communicate as top priority. At least in the communities, a threaded comment system like LJ’s would be so appreciated. And a descent messaging system too.

I’ve been saying for years that tumblr was never meant to be a forum for communication. It was for minimalist sharing of photos and content like that. Over the years they’ve shoehorned in little fixes, but it’s still 98% impossible to hold a coherent conversation with more than two people, where it was a breeze on LJ.

Ease of communication is one of pillowfort’s big focuses, actually.
Every post will have threaded comments, like LJ’s posts did, and
communities will also have a dedicated forum section for even more
focused and streamlined discussion. 🙂


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