not like Naomi Campbell has been saying this for years but sure, lets praise the white girl who apparently is the face of feminism now 

Drag her

and naomi has been talking about transphobia as well for like….ever

why ‘drag’ emma watson? why blame emma watson??? she’s using her white privilege to talk about issues that are brushed off when POCs talk about them. she’s using ‘being white’ the right way 

blame the fucking media

Ikr jfc at least she’s trying, what about the other people who have the privilege to speak up but dont? Fucking drag them, not her.

Tumblr: spread awareness about sexism and racism!!!!!
Tumblr: no, not you!!!!!

Yes, Emma Watson is a famous white actress. But at least she’s using that to her advantage to help people who don’t have a voice in this. She’s using her privilege to spread awareness, to spread a message.


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