So I said I would practice drawing and…OMG I can’t do this. I’m deleting this.

Pitch: You crazy woman, you already scanned it and upload it on the site!!! Now freaking press Post.

They are going to hate. I mean its shitty..

Pitch: Ok, look. At best, they’ll applaud you for making an effort. At worst they will offer criticism. Remember what we said about criticism?

It’s apart of life and you have to learn to apply it or brush it off.

Pitch: Yes, some criticism is positive and its people just trying to help you. And if its negative criticism, let the wind cast it away and keep sailing the stars….

Aww Pitch you do care…

Pitch: Actually I just want you to hurry up and post so I can I watch you have anxiety issues over if they like it or not…

…….You are just a f***ing sadist!!! Jump up your a** and die!!!

‘Pushes Post button’

Excellent proportions ❤ Very well done~


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