Got some new copics, decided to design my Golden Age Jade. Thanks to @porcelaindaemon for helping me come up with the details behind her species.

A part of the ‘Vena El’ni’ (Name suggested by @ksclaw) , their home planet is heavily nature focused, not unlike the designs for Paris 2050. Their love of nature comes from their link with plants, making up their nervous system, and visibly showing up along the spine. They’re very light boned, with long delicate ears that provides strong hearing. Their skin contains the chemical chlorophyll, giving the green hue.

Their species, understandably, are fantastic at terraforming, and make plenty of colonies, each individual has a different plant on the back, varying from grasses, to ferns, flowers, even mushrooms (particularly common in those who live in the dark for an extended period of time). Most require sunlight to function at 100%, and those with poisonous plants growing from them are immune to that specific poison.

This is Jade, her plant is mountain laurel >///<

Do not steal, do not remove caption.

Jade || Me.

Has been suggested rather than mushrooms, monotropa grow instead, a plant that is parasitic, and does not rely on sunlight.


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