@ionahi – 

You’re intelligent and kind, creative and strong, beautiful both inside and out. I can’t recall the amount of times you’ve taken the time out of your day to help me out and to just be there for me. You’re the best kind of friend and I love you. ❤

the best kind of friends are the ones that remind you to love yourself. it’s humbling to know that you feel this way and that I could be there for you. throughout the friends I’ve made here in this fandom it’s something i hold dear to my heart. this warmth and love.

we’re all here for several reasons but nothing compares to the friendships. nothing compares to people like you. because it’s friends like you that take the time to remind silly people like me that the little things we do matter. and sometimes that’s all we really need. being appreciated is wonderful, but being friends with you and people like you are really what make our fandom experience–our life experiences–something to truly remember. I love you too. ;;v;;


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