oops meant to go to bed an hour ago. Won’t be here most of tomorrow (today???), have dentist appointment and have to get coffee machine replaced.




piratekingpitchblack: Pitch was about to hand Jade the breakfast when her statement stop him cold. OH SHIT….. Pitch remember last night that Jade was a girl, but he forgot that she was a girl…. His crew for the most part were either male or genderfluid (with most saying that they had no gender), so he… Continue reading piratekingpitchblack

elskedenattlys: “Have no fear of you.” The Spectral Knight replied, scowling. Pig stickler, he says– the ‘pig stickler’ that pinned him to a slab of rock for millennia, huh? Was Pitch just out to pick a fight? “Oh I never said you were afraid of me, boy,” Pitch purred. “Right now you’re scared she’s forgotten you,… Continue reading


piratekingpitchblack: When the bell rang for the crew’s breakfast, Pitch was still lying in the bed, grumpy as hell. Flashbacks and memories kept him awake and it almost drove him insane. It didn’t help that he overheard Jade crying the entire night. I told that girl to not fight the nightmares…. After changing and leaving… Continue reading piratekingpitchblack