when you have a problematic fave

[Woman: *kisses raven’s beak* Even though you are naughty, I still love you, aye.]


Stop everyone! These are the Knaresborough Castle ravens, and this ‘naughty’ raven is probably Izzie: the only bird in the UK to have been given an ASBO (a criminal conviction for anti-social behaviour). 

Izzie pretends to get her head stuck in trash, so that when people get up to help her she can fly off and steal their sandwiches. She can mimic human speech, but does not do it often and when she does speak it’s usually rude. When we met the lady in chain mail in July 2013, she told us that Izzie had once flown up to a tourist and said “who the **** are you looking at?!”. The tourist was very offended and assumed it was the chain mail lady who had spoken. The birds are not on chains for their own protection, but for their bad behaviour. They are literally on the naughty step.

I went to Knaresborough on a day the ravens weren’t there, and I was disappointed. I asked the castle attendant when they would be back, and he said he didn’t know. The Raven Lady isn’t associated with the castle. She’s just someone with pet ravens who comes and goes when she pleases and likes to wear chain mail. Life goals or wife goals?

Read more about them >>>>here<<<<

Thank you for adding this, I was going to reblog it again with some info tonight and you beat me to it! Yes this one was Isobella! She also steals cameras from people, she pretends to have her foot stuck in an old water bottle and then goes and nicks stuff from the people who try to help her omfg

honestly me if i was a bird


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