“this is a sock you asshole”

i want an owl now

tumblr describes them as cats with wings and every gif proves it accurate

ok but

theyre not?

i just hate it when tumblr gets into some new animal fad and undoubtedly a bunch of uneducated fucks are going to go out and try to get their hands on a wild animal to keep as a companion bc they saw a funny vine on the internet

i realize some videos and images may come from rescues but a lot of these clearly dont. and comments like ‘i want one’ and ‘aw theyre just like cats’ make me so worried regardless of the source of the video

its happened with foxes and opossums and i really dont want it to happen to owls too

owls are predators. theyre destructive. they will potentially look at you as their mate and will become aggressive around your friends and family. they can seriously hurt you. their talons and beaks are sharp as fuck and even on accident can cause you to need stitches

you cant train them like a labrador either. they will wreck your house and tear into your furniture and clothes. they will perch and shit wherever they want. they dont care how expensive your furniture is and they will not be using a litter box or ringing a bell to be let outside

owls need to fly for exercise too. you cant cruelly box them in like you would a parakeet and clip their wings and confine them to a cage their whole life. and you cant feed them with a bag of shitty kibble or even frozen chicken from the grocery store. they need a natural diet of rodents and small rabbits. and youre going to have to cut those animals open and remove their bladders and stomachs every time. and whatever they dont eat theyre going to want to store somewhere around the house for later. owls are also nocturnal. so 3 am is when you will be getting a call from your neighbors complaining about the hooting and screeching thats been going on for hours

speaking of a lifetime of late night screaming, their life is fucking long. around 30 years. so when you get tired of the non stop owl shit and pellet cleaning and the fun of having an owl wears off, youre stuck with them. you cant just dump them in a shelter or release them. and even if you find an owl rescue to take them in youre still fucking them over because they will either become depressed from the absence of their ‘mate’ or act aggressively toward other humans they have not imprinted on. they will never be able to be released into the wild

you dont want an owl. you can appreciate them and love them without ruining their natural lives



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