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AKA; I’m sick of being unable to help my friends in need and desperately need the money there to help them out when they need it. 

All these prices are in USD.

+ $1-5 (depending if it’s a sketch/detailed image) per extra character. Prices may vary depending on complexity. If you commission me I will remain in contact with you to make sure the progress is going as you wish it to and if it’s an OC I expect full details. 

I work the 50/50 system, so pay me half beforehand so I have something if you decide to back out halfway through. I’ll allow 3 edits without extra charge. After that, if you want something else edited, I’ll decide on how much it’ll cost.

I will draw fandom characters up until the point I am asked to stop. (due to possible legal issues) but I ask if it is a fandom I am unfamiliar with that I am given reference images.

I will not draw robotics/androids, NSFW, or animals/furries. I most likely won’t draw backgrounds either.

Contact me at

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Please note that information is not fully updated and will be updated at any time.