Card of the Day:

Nearly forgot! Hahaha. I was hoping for a card I already knew cuz I’ve been feeling like shit, but eh.

Been getting a lot of sevens lately…

Seven of Swords || Jump Card || Dragon Age deck.
Theft, hints at the possibility of capture. Theft is more so karma than social justice.
Someone has taken something.
Item stolen may be tangible, or intangible, such as an idea, confidence, or freedom, (or life)

Seven of Staves || Jump Card || Dragon Age deck.

A defensive position, defending something or someone.
The act of defending is not a pleasant/enjoyable experience.

Card of the Day:

Sorry for yesterday, I completely zoned out x_x

Seven of Coins || Dragon Age deck.
Represents this time of judgement and appraisal. Before continuing on with the project, we want to be sure it’s moving at an acceptable manner.
Appraising results of efforts.

Card of the Day:

I sorta feel like reusing the deck because I’m too bleh to purify and apparently it’s okay if I don’t (for a while anyway.)

But I was rather amused to get this card, I got some really good news today 🙂

The Nine of Cups || Dragon Age deck.
“The Wish Card”
Represents feeling happy/satisfied with what you have.
Material, emotional, and physical well being.

Card of the Day:

I’m sorry I was lazy yesterday, and I left it to 11pm today, I’ve been really tired lately x_x I’ve gotten this card before, so I’m keeping it short, my own interpretation even.

The Page of Staves || Dragon Age deck.
Doing something for the best, even if it hurts.